Our First Project

Our First Project

The Trust’s initial project has seen the Trustees work with Jersey Health & Social Services, to develop a new role for a dedicated paediatric oncology nurse, to ensure that seamless paediatric oncology care is provided to Jersey children with cancer. This role brings specialist expertise to the Island and involves co-ordinating the care provided by the existing hospital teams in Jersey and the UK, as well as by GPs and community nurses. Not only does this ensure that UK best practice is achieved in Jersey, but the burden previously borne by families in coordinating the care for their children is significantly reduced, thereby enhancing the quality of life for the whole family during this demanding and traumatic time.


Whilst the response from the medical teams was overwhelmingly supportive, finding the budget for this role, in the current economic climate, was going to be a major obstacle. The Trust has therefore undertaken to fund the post for three years, until 2016.

This timing ensures that children and their families can start benefitting from the creation of the role immediately.

It also provides Health & Social Services with the opportunity to improve their service ahead of the next States of Jersey budget in 2016, which is the earliest this proposal would have otherwise been considered.


The Trustees, having supported Health & Social Services during the recruitment process, are delighted that a paediatric oncology nurse was appointed in February 2013.

The Trustees firmly believe that this new nursing role will provide targeted and meaningful support, on an on-going basis, for both children and families affected by cancer, and will have a lasting legacy.

What’s Next?

The Trust is now supporting the nurse in her work with patients and training of medical staff.